Marime Studio was born from a yearning for creativity, commitment to self-care and appreciation of simple, day-to-day pleasures. Based in Perth, Australia, founder April Porter has always been a maker at heart, drawn to ceramics by virtue of it’s slow, deliberate nature.

Every Marime Studio piece is hand-built and glazed with years of self-taught techniques, then fired in April’s sun-drenched kiln in her very own home. When she’s not fashioning ceramics with two lovable cats by her side, April is working in a plant store; or as a result, tending to her myriad of house plants!

April’s intention for Marime Studio is to create pieces that are cherished for a lifetime and spark joy with every use. When you sink into a feeling of calm from the incense in your incense holder, or sigh in pleasure from your first sip of coffee from your mug, understand that very moment was intended by Marime Studio, and April is so glad to have facilitated it.