Small Vase


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Small Vase.
Available in white or pink gloss glaze.

Please note that each piece varies slightly due to how they are made. Each is one of a kind.
This item is made to order.
Orders will take 1-2 weeks to complete.

Image of Incense Holder - Pink
Incense Holder - Pink
Image of Jewellery Dish - Terrazzo
Jewellery Dish - Terrazzo
Image of Round Tier Vase
Round Tier Vase
Image of Small Jewellery Dish - Pink
Small Jewellery Dish - Pink
Image of Incense Holder - Terrazzo
Incense Holder - Terrazzo
Image of Incense Holder - White
Incense Holder - White
Image of Leta Vase
Leta Vase
Image of Small Vase Planter - Terrazzo
Sold out
Small Vase Planter - Terrazzo
Image of Terrazzo Coffee Cup
Terrazzo Coffee Cup
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